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Hey everyone, I go by the username A.M. Bradley which stands for the first two initials of my name along with my grandmothers maiden name. I post under the name A.M. Bradley but I wanted to mention that I also go by Mar (short for Marie, my middle name). Personally, you can continue to refer to me as A.M. but Mar works just fine, if not better! I am the creator and sole writer of Hungover Fiction Lover. Let me tell you now that no, I am not really hungover but yes, I do love fiction--on occasion, even some non-fiction. I simply enjoy the flow of my username.

You can always contact me at: hungoverfictionlover on Instagram. I have revised my Goodreads account and now post to it regularly. If you'd like to check it out, please visit the Contact Me page. My Twitter is posted there as well.

On to the actual about me portion

Born in 1995, I am currently 19 years old. I reside in Washington state but would one day love to live in California, or possibly even New York. I would like to work in the publishing industry as well as become a published author - both of which will take an incredible amount of time yet neither decision entirely set in stone. Sadly, I am an only child and happen to have quite a bit of time on my hands so I'm fairly independent when I'm not hanging out with my family and friends. 

I discovered my knack for writing in seventh grade and have been encouraged to keep writing ever since.. except for my freshman year of high school, but that was a fluke. Around junior year, I realized how much I enjoy reading not just because I was told to but because I actually wanted to. As my blog grows, you will see that I'm addicted to buying and reading all sorts of books and then reviewing them. I will say it right here and now that my absolute favorite book is a tie between Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth. I am slowly but surely reading my way through the Harry Potter series because yes, I am that person who has yet to read all of them. Other than that, I can't name my favorite authors and books yet because I feel as though there's so much more out there for me to read before I can name drop. 

More Personal

Favorite Television Shows: Boy Meets World, Bates Motel, American Horror Story, Perception, Unforgettable and unfortunately, a whole lot of reality t.v. including The Bachelorette, Big Brother, and The Challenge

Favorite Musicians and/or Bands: Lana Del Rey, Echosmith, Digital Daggers, Imagine Dragons, YG, Skrillex, The Beatles, anything composed by Hans Zimmer

Favorite Movies: 500 Days of Summer, Divergent, all of the Harry Potter films, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Insidious, Insidious Chapter 2, The Lion King

Favorite Food: Spaghetti, French Fries, Lumpia and Doughnuts...yeah, I'm really healthy, if ya couldn't tell

Favorite Color: This is a trap because my favorite color is black but that's truly the absence of light, then purple, and navy blue comes last. I used to hate navy blue but it's a good neutral, dangit.

Favorite Animals: If I weren't allowed to go with dogs, I would have to say flamingos

Favorite School Subject: English by far. I've always been awful when it came to math and science.

Things I'm not so fond of: Authors that try to write as the opposite gender from a teenage perspective but make it blatantly obvious that they are extremely unaware of what teenagers are actually like in the present day (sorry, random tangent), Birkenstock sandals although they are amazingly comfortable, commercials, and lemon bars

Back to the Blog

I made this website because I love reading and writing. I won't tolerate any rude comments towards me or anyone else on my blog. I do however welcome: open mindedness, friendly discussion, anyone who wants to talk, and a variety of opinions as long as they remain respectful! I have read many blogs that post about how they are not fansites and I feel the need to state that as well. This is not a fansite. There won't be consistent posts dedicated to specific fandoms even though I do love me some fandoms. In a perfect world, I'd like to continue posting about: books, authors, book events/readathons, movies, and possibly television shows.

On that note, feel free to contact me whenever whether it be a business inquiry, comment, or question!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog, I appreciate it!
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