Tuesday, March 3, 2015

As Asher Roth Once Said, "I Love College"

Why hello everyone! This is my long awaited return to my very missed blog. I check in every once in awhile but I really haven't had the time to dedicate myself to it like I did during summer vacation. But I'm back, and hopefully I'll be here on a consistent basis.

In late September, I moved a few hours away to attend university. As I mentioned in my last post from September, I was extremely anxious. I wasn't sure if I'd like my new school, if I'd make friends, or if I'd get along with my roommate. These were all huge concerns of mine. Once I moved in, I found that it was kind of difficult to put myself out there in my attempt to socialize and not mess college up the way I messed up high school.

Anna and I at a hockey game
Thankfully, five doors down and a few days before school started, I met this goofball named Anna whom some of you may have seen vaguely on my Bookstagram account. I was drawn to her apparent ability to speak to other people and her beyond contagious laugh. The day I decided to talk to her was the day we pretty much clicked, and now I can say that I've found my college best friend as well as my "ride or die" because let me tell you, this girl has my back and I have hers.

Anna, myself, and Taylor
Meeting Anna has forced me to put myself out there in terms of meeting people. She's a social butterfly and I try to keep up. Our endeavors either end up working out perfectly or turning into a disaster, there is no in between. Throughout my collegiate journey, I have made a fair amount of new friends, but I can tell that a few of them - some of the girls on my floor specifically - are going to be lifelong buds. Other than Anna, I spend most of my time with my crazy roommate Taylor and my firecracker/badass/muddin' loving friend Destinee. Dealing with them is a handful, especially living on an all girl floor, but we've made some awesome memories that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Overall, in terms of the schooling aspect, I'm enjoying my time at university more than I originally thought I would. I was expecting to hate college the way I hated high school but it's so much better. The amount of control that I have over my own schedule is amazing. I love being able to determine when I go to class and what classes I take every quarter. Fall Quarter was the best time I've had in school since junior high. I took a required study class, Computer Literacy, and my favorite, Classics in Literature. Two of my three professors were quite helpful, funny, and passionate about what they were teaching. Now, Winter Quarter is an entirely different story.

I felt ready for Winter Quarter after I had registered for classes, but that was before Winter Break happened. My break was almost a month and that's a long time to be away from school when I had just gotten used to it.

Break was a really difficult time for me. I went home knowing that my oldest dog wasn't doing so well and I wasn't looking forward to seeing that. About a week and a half into break - three days before Christmas - my little man Cody passed away. He grew up with me for 15 years. His passing hit hard. I cried all day and my grandmother did the same. I received what felt like a million texts condoling me for my loss and I cried almost every day during the rest of my time off from school. I basically removed myself from interacting with friends from home in order to be with my family, but for the most part, I was ready to go back to school.

Once I got back to school, I felt ready to focus on my classes again...but that hasn't exactly been the case. I enjoy my English class (after all, I am an English Literacy major) and I always get a good laugh in my Psychology 100 class. Then, unfortunately, I have Math 104 in which I can't earn college credit and I am currently failing. I stopped meeting with my peer coach, I'm pretty positive that I've gained the freshman 30 instead of 15, and my social anxiety has returned in full swing. I know that sounds awful, but I swear, I'm actually doing a lot better than I was during break.

Speaking of breaks, my Spring Break is coming up in two weeks which means I'll have some more free time to blog! In the meantime, I'll try to post every so often these next few weeks because I miss my online blogging/reading/writing community! I can't thank you all enough, truly. I appreciate all of the support that I receive from you guys, even throughout my five months away from blogging. Y'all are all-stars and I hope you know that. 


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