Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Literary Revelations

I've thought about starting a segment called Bookish Banter so this is my test run. In general, the subject matter will revolve around topics that strike me because after all, we're inquisitve beings us humans and I can't help it. Onward I go!

1st best literary moment of my life (because it happened first): The day I was introduced to Twilight. Don't judge.

2nd best literary moment of my life: Summer school.

3rd best literary moment of my life:  The day I finished reading the Divergent trilogy.

You're probably wondering why the hell summer school made the top three, but I swear there's a relevant explanation. During sixth or seventh grade, a girl suggested I read a book called Twilight. What she didn't know was that I hated books. Taking her advice on a whim, I found myself skimming end caps at a local Target in order to pick up that best-selling book she had mentioned. As my story only gets better, I was sent to summer school freshman year, wait for it – because I failed English. You know, my first language and the class that everyone should pass with flying colors. The Divergent trilogy speaks for itself in my mind but I'll explain how it relates.

Twilight surely isn't the best book nor is the entire saga. That is not what I am implying. However, when I finished the first book, I was proud. It was a small amount of pride that amounted to a large outcome. Books were stupid before. No one encouraged me to read except for teachers who were forced to promote school reads which were death to kids back then and probably still are now. Twilight launched my book obsession.

Summer school taught me that I am more than a grade, but that is is also my responsibility to live up to my potential. I have one person in particular who I owe much of my success to. This man was my teacher during summer school, American Literature, Senior Composition, and History of American Popular Music. Crazy as the man may be, he was my mentor and I could not be more thankful for that summer. He saved me from myself and introduced me to my passion. I now have the right tools to go off to college in hopes of working for a Big Four publishing company or becoming a published author. Who knows, I might get another ludicrous idea before time allows either of those to happen. Summer school generated my love for words.

Finally, Divergent. I have explained much of why I love not only Divergent, but the entire trilogy in my book review. Veronica Roth is my idol next to J.K. Rowling because duh. Words cannot describe how appreciative I am for Veronica Roth creating this wonderful dystopian world that I can get lost in for hours and the movie cast that carried out her characters to the best of their abilities. I was impressed with both the books and the first movie. Veronica Roth and her books revealed my true love of reading.

I know I'm capable of providing better reasoning behind each literary moment. Nevertheless, I will leave off on that note. Always trying to find the right words. None seem to suffice.

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